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Rebecca Klein

Head Kitchen / Interior Designer

About Rebecca

Rebecca joined the Artisan Team in May 2017 and has a degree in Interior Design from the University of South Wales. Rebecca loves to design anything from boho chic to luxurious and contemporary. She adores colour, and strives to give you an individual room design with the wow-factor you’ve been looking for. She’ll happily put together mood boards to inspire you and aid you in visualising how fantastic your new space could be. Becky is an asset to the team because of her natural flair for design, her organisational skills and her talent for baking muffins and banana bread!


👍 LIKES: Painting, Entertaining & Cats


👎 DISLIKES: Sophomaniacs, Vanilla & Cold Offices.


👉 INTERESTING FACT: Becky is fluent in both English and German, and her love for colour means that she’ll have a different hair colour every time you see her!

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20 Quick Fire Questions

Here’s a little peek inside Rebecca’s mind with 20 quick fire questions…

Q1. How would you describe your job to a child?
A. I make things look pretty.


Q2. Where did you go on your last holiday?
A. Vienna.


Q3. Would you rather eat a raw onion or a whole lemon?
A. Lemon.


Q4. What’s your favourite cocktail?
A. Margarita.


Q5. What would your autobiography be called?
A. KLEIN | A Small Autobiography (Klien means ‘small’ in German)


Q6. What’s your favourite season?
A. Late Spring.


Q7. Scones – Jam or cream first?
A. Jam.


Q8. Which song always gets you on the dancefloor?
A. Africa by Toto.


Q9. What was the last thing you ate?
A. A bagel.


Q10. Starbucks or Costa?
A. Costa (because they pay their taxes!)

Q11. Have you got a nickname?
A. Becky.


Q12. Is a hotdog a sandwich?
A. Yes.


Q13. Who did you last WhatApp?
A. My mum.


Q14. Cats or Dogs?
A. Cats.


Q15. Would you rather be invisible for a day or be able to fly for a day? ?
A. Fly.


Q16. Who would play the lead role if Hollywood were to make a film about your life?
A. Drew Barrymore.


Q17. What’s the best type of cheese?
A. Mozzarella.


Q18. Pineapple on pizza – right or wrong?
A. Wrong. Very wrong.


Q19. If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?
A. Cats.


Q20. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
A. Funny. Creative. Honest.

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