Meet The Showroom Team

Rebecca Klein

Rebecca Klein

Head Designer

Rebecca joined the Showroom Team in May 2017. She's a qualified Interior Designer having been awarded her degree from the University of South Wales. Rebecca loves to design anything from boho chic to luxurious and contemporary. She adores colour, and strives to give you an individual kitchen design with the 'wow-factor' you've been looking for. She'll happily put together mood boards to inspire you and aid you in visualising how fantastic your new room could look. Becky is a real asset to the team because of her natural flare for design...oh, and she makes the best muffins and banana bread!

  • Likes: Instagram, Cats and Cooking.

  • Dislikes: Bad Designs, Mondays and Vanilla

  • Interesting fact: Becky is fluent in both English and German, and her love for colour means that she’ll have a different hair colour every time you see her!

Andrea Chapman

Andrea Chapman

Kitchen Designer

Andrea joined us in January 2018 so she’s the newest member of the Showroom Team (and the a good 6 inches!!) She was at University with Rebecca and is also a qualified Interior Designer with a passion for kitchens. Andrea is particularly good at designing with functionality in mind. She has strong design ideas and happily offers alternative layout options to make sure your new kitchen suits you perfectly. Andrea has taken over as chief cappuccino-maker, since she joined the team, and just might talk more than Danny…I know, we didn’t think it was possible either!!

  • Likes: Cheese & Wine, Design and Dancing

  • Dislikes:  High Shelving, Middle Lane Hoggers and Banana Bread (Sorry, Becky – it’s her banana-phobia!)

  • Interesting fact: Andrea appeared as a dancer in a music video for the song ‘Fame’ by Swansea band ‘Who’s Molly’.

Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown

Accounts & Marketing

Sandra has worked within the company since the Cardiff Showroom opened in 2016. She keeps the company accounts in order and, perhaps more importantly, is in control of paying the team's wages! She's in charge of Artisan's social media accounts and the email marketing. She also writes the blogs, copy for the website and proof reads the Newsletters. Sandra works behind the scenes and is usually hidden away in the upstairs office (next to the heater.) She appears on the shop floor occasionally...but if you blink you’ll miss her!

  • Likes: Singing with Rock Choir, Chocolate and Musical Theatre.

  • Dislikes: Robbie Williams, Seafood and Being Cold.

  • Interesting Fact: As a member of Rock Choir, Sandra has sung with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and recorded songs at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Danny Borge

Danny Borge

Project Manager and Co-Director

Danny’s had a long career in the trade and installed kitchens for over 20 years. He trained as a carpenter and joiner but soon turned his attentions to kitchens, where his passion for quality finishes and his eye for detail were put to good use. Danny's extensive knowledge of kitchens enables him to advise clients and ensure their kitchen will work on a practical level. He manages the kitchen orders, deliveries and installations and is often out measuring up and visiting site to check everything's running smoothly. Danny enjoys cooking and loves to make use of the appliances in the showroom - he cooks a mean sous-vide steak, finished off on the Bora hob.

  • Likes: Gadgets, Crisps and Talking (lots!)

  • Dislikes: TV Soaps, Cauliflower and Cheap Tools.

  • Interesting Fact: Danny has fractured his skull three times…but, surprisingly, has no brain damage!

Andy Brown

Andy Brown

Marketing, Website Design and Co-Director

Andy's had a passion for kitchens for over 20 years and, in the past, he’s designed kitchens as well as installing them. His focus now is on the marketing side of the business and, after reading a plethora of marketing books and attending many training courses, he’s quite the expert. He’s Artisan’s IT support and has designed and built the company website, which he’s continually working on to keep it updated. Andy’s usually found working at his desk in the office upstairs, craving his Heavy Metal Playlist but agreeing to listen to something a little more mellow until Sandra goes home at 3pm!

  • Likes: Rock Music, Rugby and Download Festival.

  • Dislikes: Justin Bieber, Sprouts and any TV Show with ‘Celebrity’ in the title.

  • Interesting fact: Andy has an honorary doctorate from the University of Athens for research into Hypnotic Techniques.


Why Artisan Interiors

In July 2016, kitchen fanatics Danny and Andy joined forces to open Artisan’s first Schüller Kitchen Showroom in Cardiff. Their objective was simple…to design and supply top quality German Kitchens whilst providing unrivalled levels of customer service.

At Artisan, everything is dealt with by our small, friendly team. There’s no head office in another part of the country so, you won’t get passed from pillar to post like you can with some larger companies. Andy and Danny have a presence in the Showroom and are always on hand if you have any technical questions about your kitchen.

Our kitchen designers, Andrea and Rebecca, both work full-time and are here to chat to you to find out what makes you tick in order to design your dream kitchen.

We strive to give you the personal service of a small family-run business combined with the quality, efficiency and reassurance of dealing with Germany’s second largest kitchen manufacturer.

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