Kitchens are the heart of any modern home and so much more than just somewhere to cook. They’re used for socialising, eating, ‘helping’ with the kid’s homework and, let’s face it…dumping stuff!

When it comes to your new kitchen design, a good layout in the ‘business end’ of the kitchen allows you to have all the items you need in easy reach but organised in such a way that there’s no clutter. It’s important to have the right amount of usable worktop space to ensure you can use the kitchen to its full potential.

So, how do you maximise worktop space in your new kitchen design? Of course, Artisan’s Design Team are here to advise you, but this blog gives you some ideas and points to consider before you book your design consultation.


1. Own your private island:

If your kitchen is large enough to accommodate it, consider having an island unit to house your hob. It gives you a functional, sociable cooking area with plenty of worktop space for food preparation. Adding seating completes the island and allows it to become the communal place where cooking, chatting and, well…wine flows!

2. Don’t leave me hanging on: 

Wall panelling allow Schüller’s ‘Everyday Helpers’ to be hung on the built-in storage rails so that herbs, cooking oils and salt and pepper mills can be kept off the worktop. There are also ‘helpers’ specifically for your utensils, knives, kitchen rolls and even you tablet, freeing up even more space. The panelling is available in a variety of colours and adds a design feature to your new kitchen.

3. Let’s get deep, man:

Consider having some deep drawers designed into your new kitchen. They look great and allow you to store away your toaster and other appliances that you use regularly but don’t need on the worktop (providing they’re easily accessible.) There are also plenty of storage solutions for drawers, such as plate organisers and pan lid holders , that will help make you that organised person you always promised yourself you’ll be…one day!

4. Feeling hot, hot, hot:

A 3-in-1 boiling hot water tap means you will no longer need a kettle on your worktop…or in your life, for that matter! It works in the same way as a regular tap but with the addition of instant boiling hot water. It’ll not only save you space on your worktop, but it’ll save you money on your water bills too. Never again will you boil an over-filled kettle or run the hot tap waiting for the water to get to temperature so that you can wash up. There’s no going back from a life with instant boiling water…it’s a real game-changer!

zip boiling hot water tap rose gold - copper tap

5. Stick ’em up:

Low shelves just above the worktop lets you store items, such as tea/coffee containers, away from the worktop. Items like these can take up valuable space on the worktop but don’t necessarily need to be there, as long as they’re to hand. Decorative open shelving with integrated lighting in a run of tall units looks stunning and is also practical. Cookery books and fresh herbs can be arranged attractively to store them away from the worktop and create a stylish feature.

Hopefully, these 5 tips will have given you some food for thought (pardon the pun) about the design of your kitchen and how to maximise your worktop space. When you’re investing in a quality kitchen, you need to ensure you make informed choices and consider how you’ll use the space before you decide on the final design.

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