A Utility Room is becoming an essential part of any modern home. Since the kitchen has evolved from being just a room for cooking into a sociable space where family and friends gather, there’s even more need for everyday noisy appliances to be housed in a room all of their own.

Specific furniture for utility rooms enable designers to create a perfectly planned area for washing, recycling and preparation and give you so much more than a glorified storage room.

Goodbye Wash Day Blues

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Goodbye Wash Day Blues: Tall units are a great use of space in a kitchen and can also make the utility room a fantastic functional area. Cubby holes in doors of laundry sorting units allow you to separate the laundry straight into the baskets behind.

Pull out shelves installed below the washing machine and tumble dryer are also available resulting in less bending, which your back will be thankful for! Additional shelves and drawers in the same unit make an ideal storage area for washing detergent and pegs. 

Special units for utility rooms are manufactured to accommodate the extra size, depth and weight of free-standing washing machines and tumble dryers. 

Smooth Operator

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Smooth Operator: Ironing…everyone’s favourite chore (not!) It could be less time consuming (and therefore more bearable) if you had space to just pull out the ironing board, do the deed, then hang the clothes straight onto the rail next to you. Pull out laundry racks also allow you to dry smaller items or hang them straight after ironing. A full height broom cupboard can be fitted with a rack to hang up the cumbersome ironing board leaving plenty of space for the iron, vacuum cleaner and sweeping brush.    

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: We know how important it is to recycle, but we also know it can take up a lot of space and be a bit whiffy if it’s not stored properly. Utility ranges have base units specifically designed for storing recycling. Complete with two reinforced plastic bags, it’s all hidden away from view and keeps your room tidy and any unsavoury smells contained. 


It’s true that any kitchen units can be used to create a utility room, but if you have free-standing appliances, the units need to be wider and deeper to those that house integrated appliances.

Whether you have a room bigger than most people’s kitchens or a more modest space, a utility room can be designed with functionality in mind, incorporating the storage and appliances that will help organise your busy life.


Images shown are from The Utility Room Collection by Schüller. Door finish is a laminated matt finish, available in 7 colours.
Click to view the Schüller Brochure, including the Utility Range – ‘Easy & Clean’.

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