As we near the end of the year, it’s time to look forward to the kitchen trends that will be big news at the start of the next decade…and beyond. This blog outlines the 6 trends that we’re seeing hotting up in the kitchen world as we move into 2020.

1.Marvellous Marble

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Marvellous Marble: Marble effects are going to be a big trend in 2020. It’s going to be the year of strongly veined marble and the busier the better gives an unmistakeable, luxurious style. Whether you include it in your worktops, kitchen fronts or accessories, the return of marble will give your new kitchen a cutting-edge appearance.

2.Dark and Dramatic
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Dark and Dramatic: Once seen as an accent colour, black cabinets and work surfaces will take centre stage as the new decade dawns. This trend has been growing throughout the last year or two and, with more styles of kitchens now available in black, it will continue to be big business. Black brings luxurious, inviting drama, with textured wood ranges adding a homely charm.

3. The Wonder of Walnut
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The Wonder of Walnut: The last couple of years has seen the revival of wood grain kitchens and, next year this trend will be very much directed towards walnut and walnut effect. Its fine grain is luxurious and its rich, dark colour adds natural warmth with a high-end opulent feel. Combining a walnut kitchen with a velvety matt range softens the look and adds to the elegant finish.  

4. Colour Combo
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Colour Combo: Adding colour to your kitchen design in 2020 is an easy way to get your home bang on trend. Colour can be added with appliances, flooring, cabinets or just painting the walls so, combining colour has never been so easy and adaptable. Decide how permanent you are willing to make your colour choice. One of easiest options is to paint a wall or update tiles as they can be easily changed should you tire of it but, if you love (and have always loved) yellow…what’s stopping you having a yellow kitchen?

5. Handle-less Haven: 
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Handle-less Haven: The latest contemporary kitchen designs are all about free-flowing simplicity with a paired-back look. Push to open doors means that it’s possible to have an uninterrupted handle-less finish to slab doors in both wall and base units. If you prefer a little detail, recessed handles are an option that also give a sleek look and adds interest when a contrasting internal colour is used.

6. Larder Love
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Larder Love: Pantry cupboards were common in kitchens centuries ago and were used to keep food fresh before the invention of refrigerators but now pantry or larder cupboards are seeing their way into modern homes for storing packets and tinned goods in one place (we all have pantry envy of Nigella, right?) Having a larder makes perfect sense as all the food is in one cupboard which makes it easier to be organised when doing the weekly shop. Another advantage of a larder and its large storage capacity, is that wall units are no longer essential, therefore freeing up space on the walls which can be used in a more decorative way.

As we enter the next decade of the 21st Century, is it time to update that tired kitchen? Incorporating one or more of the latest trends will give your kitchen project a fresh and contemporary feel and investing in quality products will ensure the appearance of your kitchen will last for many years to come.

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