Should I Tell My Kitchen Designer My Budget?

Yes, Yes, Yes! – It’s imperative that you tell your kitchen designer your budget. You don’t have to tell them down to the last penny but you need to give them a ballpark figure. As with everything we buy, there are choices to make as to whether you buy the cheapest, the mid-range or the most expensive. Without any guidance to the amount you’re willing to invest in your new kitchen, your designer will be guessing as to what they can include in your design.

To ‘play it safe’ they may include lower quality doors, budget appliances and less storage solutions, so you risk not having the best you can afford. On the other hand, they may include top of the range doors and appliances which end up £15,000 over the budget (that you didn’t tell them) and your kitchen will have to be completely re-designed when you go back for your design presentation…wasting the kitchen designer’s time and more importantly, yours.


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Won’t The Designer Simply Invent a Price Just Under Budget?

No – not if you choose a reputable kitchen company with experienced designers. It’s certainly not common-practice to give you a price which hasn’t been carefully calculated and just so happens to be bang on budget! Your quote should be close to the amount you state because your designer will give you as much as they can for the budget that you have but it doesn’t mean that they’re simply plucking a price out of the air. The cost of kitchen and appliance ranges vary massively but, providing there’s a reasonable budget for the size of your room, a good designer will do their utmost to give you an imaginative, functional design that falls within your budget and includes as much as possible for your hard-earned cash.


How Will It Help Me Have Everything I Want if I Disclose My Budget?

Well, it depends how long your wish-list. It’s possible that you won’t be able to afford everything on your list but with a little compromise and, as long as you’ve set a realistic budget for the size of the room and brand that you’ve chosen, you’ve got a fighting chance! As with everything you buy, there are entry level options as well as top of the range ones so there’s always scope to come in on budget. If, for example, you have a budget of £12,000 and want a German kitchen, Miele appliances and Dekton worktops, it’s not going to happen but, a German kitchen with good quality appliances and a laminate worktop would give you a very similar look and would be on budget.  Your kitchen designer will be able to advise you at the consultation stage if you have delusions of grandeur and need to re-think the kitchen range, worktop material or brand of your appliances…IF you tell them your budget!


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How Much Should I Spend On My Kitchen?

It’s generally advised that you spend between 10-15% of the value of your home on your kitchen so it’s worth investing in the highest quality kitchen that you can afford. There’s no doubt that having a large open-plan kitchen adds value to your home (and your life) and you may be planning to extend your home to achieve this. If you’re adding to your mortgage to carry out the renovation, your budget could be limited to the amount that you’re able to borrow but, it’s essential that you have a sensible sum to cover the whole of the building work and decoration. You’ll need enough money to purchase your kitchen units, flooring, appliances and for the kitchen installation. You should also keep a 10% contingency fund for any unexpected expenses during the build.

You can meet with your chosen kitchen designer and have an initial room design done, once you have your architect’s drawings. If you know how much you’re borrowing and what your building costs will be, you’ll be able to tell the designer your budget for the kitchen.

This initial design will guide you as to whether your budget is realistic for everything that you’d like in your new room so be realistic with what you can achieve on your budget and perhaps more importantly, be open and honest with your kitchen designer.

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