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High Gloss Kitchens

High gloss slab doors give your kitchen a sleek, modern look and look stunning when handleless as it accentuates the clean lines and reflective finish.

Schüller have 5 ranges of high gloss lacquered slab doors ranging from Price Group 1 up to Price Group 6. High gloss kitchens don’t have to be white. The Fino Gloss range is available in 6 colours from crystal white up to lava black and mixing the colours within the room can have a stunning effect too.

Here’s the science bit : Schüller’s high gloss lacquered door fronts are produced using a number of processes. The doors are manufactured using MDF sandwiched between two layers of styrene-free polyester filler which is then coated with a two-component PUR (polyurethane resin) high gloss lacquer. This process makes them highly durable with brilliant colour and a rich, soft finish.


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