Picture the perfect family kitchen… Where every loaf of bread you bake would be worthy of a handshake from Paul Hollywood,  your puddings would make Gregg Wallace drool (Laaarvly!) and your Latte Macchiato would put even the best Starbucks Barista to shame. Sounds too good to be true… right?… Well, not quite.
With over 100 Automatic Programmes in their ovens, Intelligent Temperature Regulation in their induction hobs and the patented AromaticSystem in their integrated coffee machines, delivering perfect results every time is all in a day’s work for Miele’s Award Winning Kitchen Appliances.
Factor in Miele’s relentless attention to detail and unrivalled build quality and you’re left with the most reliable appliances on the market,  giving you unashamed bragging-rights year after year.

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Versatile and elegant, Miele’s ovens are the perfect choice for every kitchen. Automatic programmes enable flavours to develop fully while features such as PerfectClean and fully telescopic runners guarantee maximum convenience and ease of use.

XXL Steam Ovens

Discover three kitchen applicances in one with Miele’s XXL steam combination oven. Merging a fully fledged oven, steam oven and combination oven, Miele’s steam combination oven allows professional cooking and baking on four levels in its XXL oven compartment.

Microwave Ovens

Achieve perfect results when defrosting, re-heating and cooking with Miele’s range of microwave ovens. The XL cabinet, automatic programmes and easy operation make Miele’s microwave ovens a fast and flexible built-in appliance for your dream kitchen!


Miele’s kitchen hobs provide the perfect technology for every cooking preference. Whether you choose gas, electric or induction, ExtraSpeed makes sure that your hob is the fastest in the world. Miele’s TouchDisplay and Con@ctivity 2.0 turn cooking into an innovative hobby!

Cooker Hoods

Miele’s kitchen hoods are unique eyecatchers for your kitchen. Uniting handcrafted quality, safety and convenience, Miele’s kitchen hoods allow for individual modifications according to your cooking preferences and smart connectivity with other kitchen appliances.


Miele refrigerators and freezers are experts in fresh and delicious food. Our models offer optimum storage conditions and contain the FlexiLight system as well as the handy Click2open mechanism. With its multiple designs and versatile functions, it’s the perfect appliance for any kitchen. Daily fresh, daily perfect – with Miele.

Wine Chillers

Wine cooling has never been easier! Discover Miele’s wine cooler with FlexiFrame that allows you to organise your wine bottles according to your needs. Versatile bottle racks suit wine bottles of different sizes, while magnetic noteboards accommodate organisation.


Miele’s range of A+++ dishwashers take convenience to the next level. The fresh water dishwashers combine energy efficiency with impeccable cleaning results. Their innovative interior and simple controls guarantee easy handling and maximum convenience.

Coffee Machines

Enjoy coffee to perfection with Miele’s built-in coffee machines. The integrated coffee bean grinder guarantees freshly brewed coffee of the highest quality while user profiles and the cup sensor provide convenient operation. Make your favourite coffee with Miele’s built-in coffee machines.


Set new standards for laundry care that you can see, smell and feel with Miele’s new W1 and T1 model series. Miele’s W1 washing machines and T1 tumble dryers combine maximum cleaning performance, gentle laundry care and elegant design for the perfect cleaning experience.

Miele Scout

Rely on Miele’s Scout RX1 when it comes to cleaning your home. Miele’s robot vacuum cleaner reliably cleans every corner and protects your furniture along the way. With Smart Navigation the RX1 digitally maps your home and cleans it efficiently and thoroughly.

The Factory

Discover Miele’s search for cleanliness in its factory in Bielefeld, Germany. From professional and medical instruments to domestic hygiene products, Miele’s quest for cleanliness is optimised to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption and noise levels.

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