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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Kitchen?

If you’re planning a new kitchen, one of the most crucial factors in delivering the finished product exatcly as planned is the quality of installation.

A poor quality fit could turn your high-end project into a kitchen nightmare, therefore, when budgeting for a new kitchen it’s important to consider the cost of professional installation.

The average cost of a professional kitchen installation in 2022 is around £3,000 – This will obvously vary depending on the size of your kitchen, complexity of design and location in the UK.

Let’s break this down and look at the various aspects of the project that will affect the overall cost to give you an idea of how much you should be budgeting for professional installation of your project.

Removal of Existing Kitchen

The first item on a typical installation quote is removal of the old kitchen. If you’re looking to save money this could be something that you do yourself although when it comes to disconnecting electrical appliances, sinks and taps it’s probably something that’s best left to the professionals.

If you’re disposing of the old kitchen, removal will cost in the region of £250 – £300 however if you plan on selling or re-using the old kitchen units this will increase the cost by around 50% as more time will need to be taken when dismantling the units and setting aside.


Number of Units

One of the biggest factors affecting the cost of kitchen installation is the number of units to be fitted. Typically these are divided into three types of unit – Tall Units, Base Units & Wall Units.

You can expect to pay the following:

    • Tall Units (inc midi height) Including installation of handles, cornice & plinths  |   £130 – £150 per unit
    • Base Units (below worktops) Including installation of worktop, handles and plinths  |  £120 – £140 per unit
    • Wall Units (above worktops) including installation of cornice, pelmet & handles  |  £105 – £125 per unit


When calculating the cost of a kitchen installation appliances are generally seperated into two types – Wet appliances and dry appliances.

    • Wet Appliances – These are appliances that will require a plumbed in connection (eg. dishwasher) – £125 – £145 per appliance
    • Dry Appliances – These are appliances that only require an electrical connection (eg ovens) – £100 – £120 per appliance

Typically, appliance installation charges will cover the cost of connecting the new appliance to existing power supplies that adhere to current building regulations within 1 meter of the appliance. If any electrical alterations are required these would need to be carried out by a certified electrician, the cost of which would be additional to the appliance  installation charge.

Installation of Sinks and Taps will often be included with appliances and will typically cost in the region of £200 – £225 per sink & tap.

If you’re opting for a Boiling Water Tap you can expect to pay an additional £200 – £220 on top of the standard sink & tap charge.

Installation of Gas Appliances, such as hobs, will cost around £130 – £150 per appliance to install plus a further £150 – £175 for a Gas Safety Certificate upon installation.


Miscelaneous Items

Miscellaneous items such a wall panelling, showback panels and unit modifications will also be charged for.

As a rule, most comapanies will charge an additional unit cost if, say a wall unit needs to be modified to house a boiler or a unit needs to be reduced in depth.

Below I’ve listed a few miscellaneous items and what you can expect to pay:

    • Floating Shelf – £45 – £65 per shelf
    • Showback Panel – £45 – £65 per panel
    • Wall Panelling (above worktop) – £200 – £250 per elevation
    • Wall Panelling (full height)  – £300 – £350 per elevation
    • Sit-On Bar – £100 – £120
    • Install In/Under Cabinet Light Fitting – £40 – £50 per fitting

Waste Management

Often overlooked, waste disposal can represent a significant part of your overall costs so it’s important that you allow for it during the budgeting stage.

in recent years the cost of waste disposal has soared having almost tripled in the last 10 years.

Depending on the size of your old kitchen you should allow for at least 1 x 8 yd skip costing in the region of £400. 

if the skip is to be placed on the highway, rather than on your own property there will also be a local authority permit charge which your skip provider will arrange your behalf. This will cost £50 – £100 depending where you live and this will need to be renewed monthly while the skip is in place.

if you have the space for it, a cheaper alternative would be to stack the rubbish as you go and have it collected by a waste collection service at, or near, the end of the project. This typically would cost in the region of £250 – £300 for the same volume of waste.