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Where Do I Start Designing a New Kitchen?

So you’re ready to design your dream kitchen, huh? Well, I have some good news: it’s easier than ever. You can start with a few simple steps and get a plan that works for you in no time at all. Here’s how!



Start With Your Wishlist…

Once you have a list of the things your current kitchen lacks, it’s time to make another list: what do you want in the next one?

Start with the basics, like “a sink” and “a hob.” Then move on to more specific wants, such as “a boiling water tap” or “an induction hob with built in extractor.” Once all of these items have been identified and prioritised by importance (and this doesn’t even include finishing touches like lighting), it’s time for some calculations.


If there are any features that are absolutely non-negotiable–like an island with seating or built-in appliances–this is where they need to go. If there are multiple options available within those categories (i.e., islands come in different shapes or sizes), then consider how much room remains after accounting for everything else on both lists combined before making any final decisions about placement and size options.

Plan The Room Layout.

The first step in designing your kitchen is to plan the room layout. When planning the layout of your kitchen, there are several factors that you should consider:

  • How many people will be using this space?
  • What activities will they be doing in the kitchen?
  • Will they need access to electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures?

Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to start measuring!


Measure out all of the walls in order to determine how much space each piece of furniture needs. You can use this information later when deciding where each appliance should go or whether or how much space you can allocate to storage or worktop space.

Plan The Cabinets, Worktops and Appliances

Once you have the space available, it’s time to start planning the layout of your kitchen.

The first step is deciding what cabinets you want. This can be done in many ways: draw up a rough sketch of how you want the space to look, use online tools like Artisan’s Kitchen Planner – https://german-kitchens-cardiff.co.uk/schuller-online-kitchen-design/ or find inspiration from other people’s photos online by searching “modern kitchen design” on Pinterest or Instagram (or both!).

Once you’ve decided which type of cabinet style fits best with your home and personal style preferences, it’s important that they fit into their intended location within the space so that everything has room for storage without being too crowded together or too spread apart–you don’t want any wasted space!

Once this has been determined, move onto planning out workrtop options: whether they should be lamiante or a solid surface such as quartz or Dekton; if so what color(s) would work best? And finally think about appliances such as refrigeration, ovens & dishwashers.

Choose finishes and materials for your new kitchen

Choosing the right materials and finishes for your new kitchen is an important decision. It’s essential to choose materials that are durable, easy to maintain, and in line with your budget and style.

You should also consider how the material will affect the way you use your kitchen–if you’re a busy parent who cooks every night or if you like to host dinner parties every weekend. If so, a high-gloss finish may not be ideal because it can show fingerprints easily; instead opt for something more matte or textured like wood grain patterns on cabinets or granite worktops that have been honed (sanded down) rather than polished so they look more natural with less shine but still retain some lustre.


A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

A little planning goes a long way. In fact, it can save you time and money–not to mention headaches down the road. And the best part? Planning almost always leads to better results in terms of both look and function.

The first step is figuring out what type of kitchen space you want: open concept or closed off? Do you need more worktop space? How much storage do your pots, pans and dishes require? Will there be enough room for everyone at the table? If not, consider adding on an island or peninsula with a breakfast bar that adds some extra square footage without taking up too much space in an existing room.

Once these details are set in stone, start thinking about all those extra elements–from lighting fixtures over islands to splashbacks behind hobs–that can make or break how well each element works together aesthetically while also making sure they serve their intended purpose well enough so no one ever complains about having too little light while cooking dinner again!


We hope you’ve found this guide helpful in getting started on your kitchen renovation. If there are any questions we can help with, please reach out!

We’re always happy to help our customers plan their projects and make sure they get exactly what they want from us…

Ready to Take The Next Step?

Ready to take the next step?

Watch the video to see why you should Choose Artisan to help you design your dream kitchen…

Watch the video to see why you should Choose Artisan to help you design your dream kitchen…

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