how can i save space in my small kitchen
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6 Cabinet Designs That Save Space in Small Kitchens

In the heart of every home lies the kitchen, a place where families gather, meals are prepared with love, and memories are made.


Yet, for those of us contending with smaller kitchens, it can sometimes feel more like a puzzle, trying to fit everything into a limited space. But fear not!… The key to unlocking your kitchen’s potential isn’t a bigger floor plan; it’s smarter storage solutions.


Here, we unveil six ingenious cabinet designs that promise to revolutionise the way you use your kitchen, making it feel more spacious, organised, and welcoming.



1. Pull-Out Cabinets


The Wonder of Pull-Out Cabinets

In the quest to conquer the clutter of a small kitchen, pull-out cabinets are nothing short of revolutionary.


These are not mere shelves but deep, spacious drawers that emerge with a smooth glide, bringing every item into clear view.


The beauty of pull-out cabinets lies in their seamless integration into your kitchen design, maintaining the aesthetic while providing unmatched functionality… With the ability to bear a considerable load, these German-engineered marvels make the most of every available inch.


A Place for Everything

Imagine having a dedicated spot for each kitchen item, eliminating the daily scavenger hunt for the right pot or utensil.


With pull-out cabinets, this becomes your reality. The organisation potential is vast – from partitioned spaces for cutlery and utensils to segregated sections for pots and pans. Each drawer can be customised with organisers to ensure that everything has its place, which not only saves space but also time.


An Enduring Solution

Pull-out cabinets are designed with longevity in mind. Crafted to withstand the heavy, day-to-day use that kitchen storage demands, these drawers are built from materials that can take the weight without sagging or warping over time.


Their durability is matched by their timeless design, ensuring that your kitchen remains both functional and stylish for years to come.

Two open pull-out drawers under a hob, displaying an organised array of kitchen utensils and cookware, showcasing efficient storage.
2. LeMans Pull-Out Corner Units
Maximising Corner Storage

The LeMans Pull-Out Corner Unit takes its name from the legendary track, mirroring its shape to maximise the storage capacity of the often-neglected kitchen corner.


It’s a fusion of elegance and practicality; each shelf is designed to move independently, pulling out into the kitchen and allowing easy access to its contents. The LeMans unit is the epitome of intelligent design, transforming dead space into a dynamic storage area.


Strength and Style

The robust construction of the LeMans unit sets it apart from other corner solutions. Designed to handle more weight, it stands up to the challenge of storing bulkier kitchen items with ease.


These units don’t just offer space; they bring peace of mind, knowing that your storage can cope with the demands of a busy kitchen without faltering..


Seamless Operation

The LeMans Pull-Out Corner Units are as smooth in operation as they are strong. The shelves glide out on a heavy duty pivot arm, ensuring a fluid motion that brings even the most tucked-away items into reach.


This ease of use is vital, as it encourages optimal use of the corner unit, ensuring that no appliance or kitchen tool is forgotten.

A LeMans corner pull-out unit with two tiers, neatly storing various pots and pans, enhancing corner space utility in a kitchen.
3. Under-Sink Drawer
The Under-Sink Transformation

Traditionally, the area under the sink is a chaotic space, but with an under-sink drawer, this changes.


The design of these drawers is ingenious, allowing for a tiered storage system that doubles the usability of the space. Cleaning products, bin bags, and other essentials can be organised in a manner that makes them both visible and accessible.


Clever Organisation

An under-sink drawer comes with the potential for extraordinary organisation.


With compartments and sections, each cleaning tool and product can have a designated spot. This not only helps in keeping the space tidy but also ensures that you can find what you need without having to move a dozen other items first.


Design Meets Durability

The environment under the sink is often harsh, subject to moisture and spills, but under-sink drawers are built to withstand these conditions.


Made from materials that resist water and wear, these drawers maintain their integrity, protecting your items from the damp and making cleaning up spills a breeze.

An under-sink drawer in a white kitchen, neatly organising cleaning supplies and utensils, showcasing an efficient use of space
4. Tambour Unit
The Elegance of Tambour Units

Tambour units offer a sleek, streamlined look to any kitchen, their rolling mechanism tucking away appliances and kitchenware with a touch of modern sophistication.


These are ideal for smaller kitchens where every square inch counts, as they eliminate the need for space that traditional doors require when opened.


Versatile and Space-Efficient

The versatility of tambour doors is unmatched. They can conceal a multitude of kitchen essentials, from toasters and kettles to spice racks and chopping boards.


This clever solution keeps your worktops clear, giving you more room to work while keeping your kitchen looking tidy and spacious.


A Modern Touch

Installing tambour doors is a nod to contemporary design, adding a feature to your kitchen that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.


With a variety of finishes and materials available, they can be tailored to suit any kitchen décor, providing a modern twist that is sure to impress.

5. Splashback Storage System
Unlock the Potential of Your Splashback

The splashback is an area of untapped potential in many kitchens. By incorporating a splashback storage system, this space can be revolutionised.

Installing simple shelves, hooks, or magnetic strips allows you to store utensils, knives, and spices within easy reach, transforming the splashback into a functional centrepiece of your kitchen.


Customisable and Convenient

Splashback storage is fully customisable, meaning you can design a system that fits your unique needs.


Whether you prefer minimalist shelves for a few select spices or a more comprehensive system that can hold jars, utensils, and small pots, the choice is yours. This customisability ensures that the system works for you, enhancing the kitchen’s functionality and your cooking experience.


Style and Substance

Aside from its practical advantages, a splashback storage system can also serve as a decorative element. With options to match your kitchen’s style, from sleek marble and stone effects to warm wooden accents, it can elevate the look of your entire kitchen.


It’s a storage solution that serves up both style and substance.

A chic kitchen backsplash area utilised with shelves and magnetic knife strip, flanked by dark cabinets and fresh herbs.

6. Tall Pull-Out Larder Unit

The Allure of Tall Pull-Out Storage

If your kitchen layout allows, a tall pull-out larder unit can be a game-changer.


These towering units are comprised of several drawers, each one capable of being pulled out independently. This means that every ingredient and utensil is easily accessible, without the need to shuffle through the contents of a crowded cabinet.


A Robust Solution

Tall pull-out larder units are more than just a series of drawers; they’re a robust storage solution. Each drawer can handle a hefty load, from stacks of heavy dishes to the weight of bulk food items, without any strain on the mechanism.


It’s this kind of strength that makes tall pull-out storage a wise investment for the long-term organisation of your kitchen.


Thoughtful Design for Everyday Use

The design of tall pull-out storage is thoughtful in its approach to everyday kitchen use. Drawers can be designated for specific categories of items, making it simple to keep track of your kitchen inventory.


With everything organised and in its rightful place, preparing meals becomes a streamlined, stress-free process.

A tall pull-out larder unit open to display organised layers of food items, offering an elegant storage solution in a contemporary kitchen.


Transforming a small kitchen into a functional, spacious area is all about making smart choices with your storage solutions. These six cabinet designs are just the beginning of what’s possible. By rethinking how you use your space and choosing the right features, you can create a kitchen that’s not only practical but also a joy to use.


So, whether you’re planning a complete overhaul or looking for ways to improve your current setup, consider these innovative designs. They might just be the key to unlocking your kitchen’s potential, turning it into a space where cooking and companionship flourish side by side.