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How Can I Make A Large Kitchen Feel Homely?

Everyone loves a big kitchen. There’s lots of room for more than one cook, and enough space for informal dining. However, a large kitchen can sometimes feel cold and uninviting. By following certain guidelines, you can have a warm and cozy kitchen no matter the size.

Go Big!…

First, consider the scale of your furniture when decorating a large kitchen. You’ll want a substantial table with comfortable seating rather than a small café table.


As well as making the space feel more homely, having a large dining table is a great way to encourage families to eat together regularly allowing more time to connect with one another – to have meaningful conversations that go beyond homework, chores and schedules.


Studies also suggest that children of families that regularly eat dinner together are less likely to suffer from anxiety, and more likely to enjoy boosted self-esteem.

Show Off…

The kitchen is also a great place to show off your collectables.


Add open shelving, a wine rack, illuminated glass display cabinets or other storage/display pieces that can be used to show off your cookbooks, pottery, display dishes, or even for collections that have nothing to do with kitchens or cooking.


Try to organise collectables by colour to bring drama and importance whilst establishing a cohesive theme. Don’t be afraid to dedicate entire cabinets or shelves to displaying your treasures. The eye is drawn to something large – so when you display a collection of similar small items together to make one large display, it becomes more eyecatching. 

Create a Hub…

One of the best ways to make a large kitchen feel more homely is to incorporate an island (or peninsular, depending on the shape of the room).


A well designed island will soon become the hub of the kitchen, especially if seating is incorporated into it.


Placing the hob on the island will also turn meal preperation into a social activity that the whole family can be involved with, rather than a chore carried out with your back to everyone in the room.

Let There Be Light…

Good lighting is vital in the kitchen, especially for preparing and cooking food. If you have a large kitchen, buy large lighting fixtures and add plenty of recessed lighting, including lighting under the cabinets.


You might also want accent lighting to highlight special features: ‘If you have beautiful crystal or are proud of your dishware, why hide it away in the dark? 


‘Adding integrated mood lighting ensures your finest pieces are never forgotten,’ says Tom Howley, Design Director at the eponymous kitchen company. ‘It also provides an alternative ambient light source when you’re enjoying a romantic dinner or cocktails with friends.’

Add Some Eye Candy…

Make the kitchen inviting to the eye by adding potted plants.


Studies show that indoor plants can help to purify the air, increase oxygen levels and remove toxins, and houseplants can be great for creating a calming kitchen canopy, especially if you often find yourself spending hours prepping and cooking meals.


Also, add decorative items, such as urns, wall hangings, and some architectural pieces to match your décor. You could even turn one wall into a gallery for the kids’ photos and crayoned art work.

Cosy Up…

You can’t beat gathering around a roaring fire while it’s cold and rainy outside. And it’s not just living rooms that benefit from the warmth and cosiness that glowing flames bring.


As the heart of the home, much time is spent in the kitchen, so why not enjoy a fire in there, too? Be it a period fireplace or an ultra-contemporary bioethanol fitting.


Go for a real statement piece to add the wow factor to a room and it will immediately become a gathering spot for family and friends.

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Ready to take the next step?

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