So, you’re planning to buy a kitchen. You may be having an extension or just re-designing the space that you have, but who do you choose to discuss your ideas and ultimately plan your dream kitchen?

What makes one kitchen designer more knowledgeable than another? Initially, you may think it’s all about the design qualification, but what about experience? I don’t just mean design experience but experience in the whole kitchen industry. Knowing what won’t work in a design and finished kitchen, is as important as what will and, all this knowledge is essential to design a kitchen that will work perfectly for you and your family as well as look amazing.


Let me explain…

In their former lives, the directors of Artisan Interiors (Andy and Danny) were self-employed kitchen fitters. This means they that know a lot about kitchens. They understand kitchens. They love kitchens. In fact, they eat, sleep and breathe kitchens! They understand the woes of fitting cheap kitchens – struggling with flat packs, searching for missing parts and the frustration of poor quality carcasses – believe me, they’ve fitted enough kitchens over the 20 years, to know the assortment of quality that’s out there.

Schüller Kitchen HQ - Herrieden GermanyWhen Artisan met Schüller…

When Andy and Danny saw the Schüller stand at the KBB Exhibition in Birmingham, it was love at first sight! The quality was like nothing they’d seen (or fitted) before and from a fitter’s point of view, Schüller Kitchens are a dream come true. If they’d have been fitting Schüller Kitchens over the years, Danny would’ve had less sleepless nights and Andy would definitely have more hair!


Once you order your Schüller Kitchen, manufacturing begins. Seven weeks later the solid carcasses arrive from Germany, doors already hung and handles fitted. The laminate worktops also arrive cut to size, ready to be installed. This makes your kitchen-fitter happier which, in turn, makes you less stressed and the whole experience less time-consuming.



So, I’m sure you can see the benefits of German Engineered Kitchens but why trust Artisan Interiors to design your kitchen?


Picture This…

Can you imagine if a doctor didn’t do any practical training? Of course, they would’ve learnt their profession from books and lectures but, if they’d never worked in a hospital or helped treat patients, would they really know everything there is to know? Would you want to be their patient?


Obviously, choosing a kitchen company isn’t as ‘life or death’ as choosing your doctor, but it’s pretty stressful putting your hard-earned cash on the line and you need to ensure that you’re not wasting your precious time and money by dealing with inexperienced kitchen companies.


For many years, Andy and Danny fitted kitchens that other people designed, so they’re aware of problems that can be overlooked by designers who haven’t had the practical experience of installing kitchens.  It’s all very well creating a stunning kitchen design but it’s a bit late once it’s fitted if you can’t open the dishwasher and cutlery drawer at the same time…or your fridge door won’t open because it’s knocking against the wall. Using their knowledge, Andy and Danny design kitchens that work from a visual and a practical point of view and oversee all the kitchen designs created by our in-store interior designers to ensure that they work equally well.


professional kitchen renovation experts


You can’t learn knowledge like that in a classroom, it’s experience…and experience can’t be taught.


Andy and Danny’s extensive knowledge plays a crucial part in the entire design process and coupled with their love of ‘all things kitchen’ and the natural design flare of the interior designers, Artisan’s kitchen designs are innovative, unique and always practical so you can rest assured that you’re dealing with ‘The Kitchen Experts.’


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