I always design a kitchen as if it were my own home and, although I follow trends closely and am impressed by a lot of the new technology being introduced into modern kitchen designs I still ask the question ‘will this appliance or device be of any any real benefit to my client?’

Manufacturers today offer hundreds and hundreds of accessories to keep up with the Jones’s, and the ones that work most efficiently are usually some of the more basic options.

I steer my clients towards the things I know will work and match their needs rather than loading the kitchen up with gadgets that are just going bump the price up without necessarily giving them any more benefit. I’m very practical when it comes to designing and using the accessories in the appropriate manner. For example, which drawer solution will work best and how many functions do you need your oven to perform

To answer this, I will ask you a lot of questions about your lifestyle so that I can more appropriately help you design a kitchen you’re going to love to not only work and cook in every day but also entertain and live in. It is a moving component, and by that I mean there’s a big difference between the kitchen needs of a young single woman or man, a young couple with or without children, a couple who’s children have grown up and fled the nest or even an older person living alone.

Each of these different scenarios has different needs and requirements so simply churning out the same kitchen design regardless of the clients situation seems lazy and uninspiring.

Every kitchen has to function in a specific way, and a good designer will slightly tweak the differences that are going to make your kitchen more unique and more appropriate. All these considerations come into play when considering the door finishes or worktops you should be using or what kind of clearances you’re going to need around the island. The experienced designer will help guide you and base things on how you expect to use the space. You’re making a considerable investment. Your kitchen should be unique and best suited to work with your lifestyle.


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