budgeting for a kitchen renovation


Every kitchen is designed on a budget, some are nice big fat juicy budgets where the world really is your designers oyster, however most projects have a sensible budget that any designer worth his salt can work to.

If you are a prospective client reading this the best advice I can give you is to be completely open and honest with your designer and TELL HIM/HER YOUR BUDGET……

It always amazes me when a client doesn’t want to tell me their budget, as if it’s an insignificant piece of information that I don’t need to know. It’s actually the complete opposite, it’s the most important piece of information a designer can have and is invariably the start of every design.

Your budget will dictate what choice of doors we have, which worktops we can use, what range of appliances we can look as well as what type of wall and floor finishes we have to choose from. Pretty much everything in the kitchen is dictated by budget.

That’s not to say, however, that the design should suffer because your budget is on the tight side. A good design will be based on form and function, tailored to their clients needs, aspirations and lifestyle. These things aren’t necessarily dictated by budget. We may have to compromise on the spec of your appliances or you may have to opt for a quality vinyl wrap door rather that that painted oak door you had your eye on but the actual design and layout of the kitchen should never have to suffer.

My advice to any prospective client is to do a little research into what your budget should buy you then be open and honest with your designer. A good designer will, in turn, strive to deliver the best possible design tailored to you and on budget…


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