When choosing a colour palette for your kitchen, the possibilities are endless. The colours you choose are almost as important as the layout of your kitchen.

You may know how you want to use your new kitchen but, knowing which colours to choose and which ones work well together can be a different story.

Thoughtfully selected, your kitchen colour scheme can transform a simple design into something quite special. Here are some ideas of on-trend colour arrangements to help you create a design that’ll add a creative touch and sophistication to your kitchen.


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Passion for Pastels

If you’re thinking of adding some touches of colour to your kitchen, pastels are the subtle way of doing so. They’re extremely versatile and can be used effectively in both a modern slab door or a traditional shaker door.

If you’re looking to create a light and airy atmosphere in your kitchen, a pastel palette is a perfect place to start. When using pastels, try to mix some white-space or light grey to keep things fresh and light.

The arrangement of pastel pinks, greens, and neutrals accompanied with marble textures and black or gold accessories creates a fun, bright, inviting space. Adding black or gold accessories with lighting and bar stools will also create a touch of luxury to your pastel palette.


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Craving Copper

Adding copper into your kitchen colour scheme immediately adds an exciting vibe. Copper is versatile as it can give both an industrial or luxurious look to your kitchen, depending how you use it.

Think about adding different colours and textures to complement the copper such as brick, marble or dark matt colours. For example, a dark teal-blue matt door with white marble worktops and copper lighting works well together to give an elegant feel to your kitchen.

There are simple ways that you can incorporate copper into your colour schemes such as pendant lighting, bar stools, handles and utensils. With copper, the different finishes give a different look, choose from shiny and smooth for a contemporary feel to beaten copper to give an edgy look. Copper has made its way to door fronts too and combined with dark colours it will give you a modern, contemporary feel.


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Go Green

Typically, green is not one of the most popular kitchen colour choices but, it can appear very elegant and also has a very calming presence with the right shade. With the growing trend to bring the outdoor space in, using green is perfect as it’s associated with nature and earthiness, giving it a subtle energy. It also has similar qualities to blue in that it creates a serene ambience.

Depending on the lighting in your kitchen, you may find green works better combined with lighter colours. White, cream or natural wood tones for your worktop, décor and flooring will give a lighter living space and work great with green tones.

Choosing the right shade of green is important, it may be a sage or olive-green shade or, for something bolder, a forest green will give an exciting colour scheme. You can combine a bolder green with other cooler colours including various grey tones to create a calm colour palette. If you don’t want to go too bold and have enough colour in your kitchen, you can add accents of colour with open shelving and panels.



Don’t be afraid of using colour. If you’re unsure whether you’ll love a bright green kitchen as much in 10 years time as you do right now, there are plenty more subtle ways to incorporate colour into an otherwise neutral palette. A big impact can be made by displaying matching colourful accessories on your kitchen surfaces and open shelves and buying bar stools in a complementary colour. If you fancy using a pastel palette, using 2 or 3 different pastel colours within the same space – in accessories, picture frames and utensils – works really well and can be replaced if your tastes change further down the line.

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Blog by: Andrea Chapman – Designer at Artisan Interiors