BORA Flex Ovens

We Have a Passion For Steam

The new comfort of cooking. Having developed the revolutionary BORA extraction technology, we are now using steam in its finest form – for cooking and baking.

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The professional appliance for the household sector that brings the comfort of cooking into the kitchen.


The new comfort of cooking – steam baking to perfection.

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BORA Multi Drawer

The perfect addition to the BORA X BO.


BORA Multi Drawer

The universal genius – The heat drawer that can do more.

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The new comfort of cooking. – Steam baking to perfection.

The principle: you want something, the BORA X BO can cook it. It’s as simple as it sounds. There are no levers, buttons or gimmicks, just plenty of professional-standard functions, like self-cleaning and automatic steam extraction for a clear view and fresh air at all times. There is also a generously sized touch display for intuitive operation from any angle.

Simple Operation

The BORA X BO is controlled via a huge 19-inch touch display that can also be lifted up if necessary. The touch display simply responds to the touch of your fingertips, just like a smartphone. Numerous preset programmes and an intuitive user navigation make cooking as easy as pie!

More Than Just Cooking

  • Leave Messages For Others

    You have the option of leaving messages for other users.

    For example, you can tell them not to change or stop the cooking process while you are out.

    You can exit this mode again or open the active programme with a simple tap.

  • Set Individual Food Preferences

    This function supports individual lifestyles and diets. You can easily select personal settings by tapping checkboxes. Multiple selections are possible. All that then remains is to choose your individual food preferences, e.g. ‘vegan’ or ‘vegetarian’. You can also exclude foods that you do not eat due to allergies or for other reasons.


    Save Favourites

    Your favourite dishes in a flash! This list of frequently used programmes makes using the BORA X BO even easier and helps you cook the dishes that you particularly like and regularly eat.  

  • Discover Practical Hints & Tips

    Hints and tips about the programs can be found under the “Info” button, under the “Info” icon and under the “Pro tips” button.

Book a Showroom Demo ( XBO From 15th August 2022)

Top Performance

Your dishes will be perfect even if you use all three insertion levels at once. For example, if you prepare many croissants at the same time on three cooking trays, they will all turn out equally well!

Fresh Air and a Clear View

Retain a clear view at all times: the BORA X BO prevents you from getting a face full of steam when you open the door. Its automatic steam extraction draws the steam backwards before the door is released – and you won’t even smell a thing as the special filter absorbs all odours, including fish.

Cleaning Made Easy

Is your oven chamber dirty? No problem! The BORA X BO makes life easier for you with three cleaning programmes from quick or intensive cleaning to drying – so you don’t even need to wipe it dry! The two-chamber cartridge cleans the oven chamber spotlessly without the slightest effort – just like the plates and cups in your dishwasher!

Perfect Design

High-end glass surfaces, multi-level lighting and the Black Panel effect make the BORA X BO a visual highlight. The display uses impressively clear iconography and integrates seamlessly into the attractive overall picture, which is also enhanced by the stylish stainless steel oven chamber.

Book a Showroom Demo ( XBO From 15th August 2022)

Design Down to The Last Detail

With its black frame and minimalist design, the BORA X BO is a work of art in any kitchen.