Planning is essential to achieve your end goal and whether that’s a large, open plan kitchen for entertaining or a multi-purpose room for the whole family, a bit of preparation before you visit a kitchen company will help you get the most from your design consultation. To help you make plans for your dream kitchen, we’ve put together 7 top tips…

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1. Analyse your Current Kitchen

Firstly, have a good clear-out of your existing kitchen so you can assess the amount of storage you have and whether you’ll need more in your new kitchen. Now make a list of everything you like and dislike about your current kitchen. If you want to keep your large American Fridge Freezer, you need to inform your kitchen designer before they start your new design. Equally, if you have cupboards or shelves that you’ve never used, you may want to cut back in your new design. To create your dream kitchen, can you make use of your current space or do you need to knock down a wall or build an extension? Significant structural work will obviously need to be accounted for but make sure you have plenty in your budget for your dream kitchen, the finishing touches as well as a contingency of 10%.

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2. Get Inspired

How to get inspired for the finished look of your kitchen can be one of the most difficult yet most exciting parts of the process. Pinterest is a great website for getting inspiration and saving ideas from millions of users. Start with a new board and pin kitchens in the colour palette that you like and then go on to add other furniture, accessories and lighting. If you prefer something tangible, buy some interior design magazines and cut out anything that inspires you. Put it all together as a collage to create a mood-board for your kitchen. Bringing your findings to your design consultation will help your designer understand the look that you’re aiming for and they’ll be able to offer advice and further suggestions for your new room.

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3. Bring your Kitchen Design to Life

The experience and expertise of a professional kitchen designer is invaluable. They will ensure that your space is maximised, works efficiently as well as it looking stunning. Don’t forget to take your mood board or Pinterest board with you and tell them your kitchen budget, so that you know you’ll be both singing from the same hymn sheet. You’ll usually have a design consultation and then return a few days later for a presentation. This is when the designer shows you the plan that they’ve designed and you’re able to make any changes and price it up. Some kitchen companies have the ability to show you your design in a VR headset allowing you to look round and get a feel for your new kitchen.

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4. Plan your Appliances

If you’re having a complete transformation you’ll need a rough idea where you’re going to have your appliances so that the gas, water and electric can be moved as necessary. Making use of existing plumbing, gas or electrical supplies will be a more affordable option but isn’t always possible if you want to reconfigure the layout. Think logically as to where your appliances will work best in the room for ease of use, you don’t want your dishwasher one side of the room and your cutlery and crockery stored at the other. Ask your builder and kitchen company to advise you on these points.

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5. Be Budget Savvy

It can be easy to get carried away when you look through brochures and visit showrooms. Extra gadgets and tech for your new kitchen is great, but get the fundamentals right first and, if you have money left in the budget, crack on! Look back at the list you made at the beginning about the pros and cons of your current space and how you want to use the room as this will help you determine what you need to prioritise. It advisable to opt for the best worktops that you can afford as they are the most hard-wearing component of your kitchen and also high quality units will stand-up well to wear and tear so, choosing wisely now will save money you in the long run.

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6. Fantastic Fit

You’ve had your dream kitchen designed, paid your deposit and ordered the kitchen, but choosing the right person to install it can make all the difference. A bad fitter can make even the most expensive kitchen look bad and, as it’s the final stage of the whole project, you don’t want it to fall down at the last hurdle. It’s advisable to use fitters recommended or employed by the kitchen company that you buy your kitchen from as they will be familiar with the brand of kitchen you’ve bought and install it competently and efficiently. If you’ve had building work and the price included fitting the kitchen, suggest that the builder meets with the kitchen company to ensure they understand the plans and no mistakes are made during the installation.

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7. Finishing Touches

Once your kitchen is installed and you’ve found a place for everything in your new cupboards, you need to add some finishing touches to personalise it and bring it to life. Showcasing your favourite items and photos on open shelving and adding some soft furnishings will make the space feel comfortable and homely. Don’t forget the walls, adding a striking piece of art or a large canvas print will transform a blank wall and give the room a focal point. If you’ve opted for a kitchen in monochrome tones, it’s nice to inject a little colour in the accessories, match the light fittings, cushions and stools to bring the theme together.

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