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Handleless Kitchens

Handleless kitchens are typical of German design with their neat, un-cluttered appearance. Handleless doors not only look contemporary but also help with the illusion of space – they’re ideal for smaller kitchens where maximising the visual effect of the area is key. Handles and detailing on the front of doors break up the solid colour and draw the eye to each separate door rather than tricking it into thinking that it’s one continuous space.

The majority of British kitchen companies use the J-Profile system for their handleless kitchens (where the top of the door has a J-shaped groove.) Schüller only use this style of door on their curved handleless kitchen, all of their other kitchens use the ingenious grip ledge which allows any of their flat, slab doors to be manufactured as handleless. The C-Shaped strip is fixed to the underside of the worktop giving you room to get your fingers behind and allowing you to open and close the handleless doors and drawers.

These grip ledges come in 11 different colours, so they can blend in with your choice of handleless door or, if you want them to stand out, you can have the stainless-steel rail fitted. To make an even more of a statement, you could have an LED strip installed into the grip ledge, to illuminate the top of the handleless door…it looks stunning, especially on the darker shades of kitchen doors.


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