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Personally, I think all kitchen designers would benefit from at least some experience actually fitting a kitchen. Even if it’s just a couple of projects helping out an experienced fitter they would gain an invaluable insight into what’s involved in turning their designs into reality. I myself am from a fitting background. This doesn’t necessarily make me a better designer but when I’m putting a kitchen together the practicalities of actually fitting the kitchen are always there in my mind. This is evident in my fitter’s plans as I make sure that all the information that I’d like to see if I was fitting the kitchen are on the plan.
It also helps massively if, when talking to a fitter, you have had some experience of being in his position. He in turn won’t look at you as just ‘the designer’ who hasn’t got a clue how to fit a kitchen.
As well as actually fitting the kitchen the designer would also gain an insight into other trades such as electrical and gas installers who, usually, like nothing more than talking about their trade to anyone who’ll listen!!
I may be missing the point of the discussion here but I think having that valuable experience of being a fitter for over 10 years (I still get my hands dirty now occasionally) has really benefited me in what I do and how I run my business..

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