Order your kitchen in August and get a Zip MT2786UK Boiling Water Tap for Free


Order your Schüller Kitchen in August and we’ll give you a Boiling Hot Water Tap – FREE!

When you order your complete kitchen in August, we’ll give you a ZIP MT2786UK Tap, free of charge


Benefits of Instant Boiling Hot Water Taps.

Apart from the obvious time saving benefit and convenience of a boil tap, they also have some money and space saving benefits too (and as you’ll be getting one for free…what’s not to like?!)

  • You’ll notice a reduction in your water bills as you no longer need to run the hot tap until it gets to temperature to  wash-up. Instead, you can run the boiling and cold water tap at the same time and have instant washing-up water!
  • There’ll also be a small difference in your electricity bill too. Boiling a kettle requires a surge of electricity and, as most people put more water than required into their kettle, it’s boiling for longer than it needs to be…costing you more in electricity.
  • One final benefit is that you’ll have more space on your worktop as your kettle will be surplus to requirements and won’t be taking up room on your work surfaces.


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A minimum spend of £12,000 on your complete kitchen to qualify for the offer.

10% Deposit must be received before 31st August to secure the offer.


Why Choose Schüller?
The German kitchen brand, Schüller, produce over 600 kitchens a day for customers throughout Europe.
 As you come to expect from any German manufacturing, precision and quality is paramount and Schüller’s state-of-the-art factory is no exception. The kitchen units are continually tested to make sure they’re resilient to pressure, moisture, heat and light and a specialist team work to ensure the quality of each unit that’s dispatched from its factory, is to the high standard to which Schüller have built their reputation.
When you buy a Schüller Kitchen, you can be confident that it’ll look as good 10 years down the line, as it does the day it’s fitted.
 Why Choose Artisan Interiors?

Award winning, Artisan Interiors is owned by Danny Borge and Andy Brown who, between them, have over 50 years’ experience in the kitchen trade – what they don’t know about kitchens isn’t worth knowing! Artisan’s qualified interior designers, Rebecca Klein and Andrea Chapman, will work closely with you to discuss and design a stunning kitchen to suit your lifestyle and taste.

Artisan have transformed homes for hundreds of families in South Wales and beyond, and are officially the No 1 Schüller dealer in Wales.

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